BT Polymer


- Nylon6, nylon66, PBT and its compounds
- Polycarbonate Resins
- TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes)
- Polycarbonate Sheets
- Organic peroxides
- Processing machine maintenance products
- POM (Polyacetals)
- Poly Tactiles
- Mining Screen module and screen joiner
- Railway Carriage Fan blade

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Processing machine maintenance products

We are an authorised distributor of the global leader Chem-Trend, a brand of Freudenberg, in the development, production and supply of specialized mould release agents. Recently we got felicitated by Chem-Trend for our long term association with the company.

We handle the following specialized products of Chem-Trend.
- Thermoplastics Processing
- PU
- Die casting
- Composites

Thermoplastics Processing:

We offer excellent products of Chem Trend which find its applications in all of the world's thermoplastics manufacturing processes making a variety of products such as the automobile components, electronics, packaging, toys, packaging and containers and a host of other consumer products manufacturing.

Release agents
Lusin® release agents are available in a variety of silicone and silicone-free formulations specifically created for thermoplastic molding applications. These formulations are ideally suited to provide easy release to highly engineered resins such as ABS, PC, PEEK and PA to eliminate stress cracking and minimize mold flow lines. The Lusin® series offers a large number of products to address a wide range of operating mold temperatures and post printing or painting applications in the automotive and electronics industries. In addition, a comprehensive range of NSF approved products are available for food packaging applications. All Lusin® products come in CFC-free aerosols. If you're an injection moulder and are looking for a trouble-free release, better looking parts and shorter cycle times, look to the Chem-Trend Lusin® line of products.

Purging compounds
The Lusin® Clean line of ready-to-use, granular purging compounds, offer fast and efficient purging of injection molding machine screws, cylinders, nozzles with very low purging compound consumption. Because our purging compounds do not contain any abrasive materials they are ideally suited for machines with hot runner systems. Chem-Trend has an effective purging compound product for virtually any injection, blow-molding or extrusion application. If your molding temperatures are on the high end for applications such as PEEK, PSU and PC, no problem; our specific formulations can handle operating temperatures to over 400C/800F degrees. Our line of purging compounds also include a range of NSF-approved products for the food industry.

Maintenance products

Chem-Trend's Lusin® brand cleaners effectively remove plastic residues from molds and dies, including residues caused by cracking. Chem-Trend's mold and die cleaners come in an array of silicone-free solutions, from universal cleaning agents ideal for removing oils, greases and resin deposits to special water and organic-based compounds in ready-to-use or concentrate forms. These powerful cleaners offer the benefits of shorter drying times and easy application, resulting in less downtime and greater productivity. The Lusin® series of cleaners also includes NSF-approved products for food applications.

Anti-Corrosion Agents/Mold Protectors
At Chem-Trend, keeping your machines running is just as important as keeping you producing the right product. Lusin® brand mold protectors supply dies, molds and other parts with long-term protection against corrosion. Lusin® mold protectors, comprised of greases, pastes and sprays assure you that we have the right product for your application. All our anti-corrosion agents are easy to remove without the need to wipe, eliminating the possibility of scratching the mold. The Lusin® line of mold protectants includes products for food applications.

When a machine's parts aren't moving smoothly, it isn't producing efficiently. Whether your machine has one moving part or fifty, Chem-Trend's Lusin® brand non-soiling lubricants keep them running smoothly and prevent damage due to breakage or seizing. A comprehensive line of lubricant products cover the most demanding of moving parts including: slide and pin lubricants, high-temperature lubricants, lubricants for general moving parts, and lubricants for thermocouples and extruder heads.



We also supply mould release agents for polyurethanes which provide a competitive advantage to the largest and smallest manufacturers alike. We offer both water- and solvent-based release agent solutions that can maximize productivity while meeting the most demanding specifications and operating conditions. These release agents have been developed to provide:

– Excellent part release
– Optimal gloss level and surface finish quality
– Compatibility with secondary operations viz. Glue, paint, etc.
– Lower scrap rates
– Cleaner molds
– Less downtime
– Higher quality parts
– Water-based, no/low VOC emissions, cleaner safer working environments
– Tin-free formulations where required

Die casting:

Die casting is a process that Chem-Trend has been involved with for over fifty years. In Die Casting, molten metal is injected into a precisely dimensioned and reusable steel mould very quickly under high pressure. The pressure is maintained until solidification is achieved. The solidified piece takes on the details of the mould cavity with high precision. It thus offers a way to obtain dimensionally accurate parts with good surface finish. Most importantly, it makes it possible to incorporate great complexity into the part utilizing a relatively simple production process.

Die lubricants – We offer high pressure die casters to the most comprehensive product line of liquid and powdered die lubricants for aluminium, magnesium, zinc, squeeze and semi-solid casting operations. We offer an extensive range of die lubricant technology created to address the most demanding of die casting processes such as,
– High temperature die adhesion properties
– Cleaner, installation-ready parts
– Elimination of residues for better post-finishing and painting needs
– Reduced micro-porosity
– Improved insulation and laminar fill properties
– Environmentally-friendly products

Plunger lubricants – We offer plunger lubricants which offer superior wetting and film building for maximum protection and can dramatically reduce the impact on the environment with reduced smoke and flame. The lubricants are available in powders, pellets, liquids and graphite-free formulations allowing casters to realize:

– Consistent Shot and Better Part Quality
– Reduced Gas Inclusion/Reduced Porosity
– Increased Shot Component Life
– Reduced Smoke and Flame
– Cleaner Working Environment

Ancillary products – We also offer the following ancillary products:
– Assembly Lubricants
– Toggle Lubricants
– Anti-Solder Pastes
– Hydraulic Fluids
– Cleaners
– Corrosion Protectants
– Ladle Coatings
– Start Up Oils
– Quench Compounds
– Trim Press Lubricants
– Heat Transfer Fluids



Chem-Trend's Chemlease® brand release agents help reduce the post-molding operations of composite manufacturing which can result in increased productivity, lower scrap rates and higher profits. Our products have built a solid reputation within the FRP, RTM, solid surface and the advanced composites manufacturing industries for providing high-quality surface finishes and product integrity. Chemlease® products offer better surface quality right out of the mold, while eliminating much of the post-molding buffing and finishing operations often required in composite part manufacturing. The complete line of Chemlease® release agents, mold cleaners, and mold sealers are formulated to work most effectively as a complete mold release system, giving customers the assurance that each process is optimized for maximum efficiency.

Semi permanent release system – Semi permanent release systems provide greater operational efficiency by bonding to mould surfaces, creating a durable layer that is resistant to both chemical and mechanical attack.

Conventional release system - Conventional mold release products for the composite industry are designed for applications where high slip is the prime attribute required.

– Internal mould release – The specially designed internal release agents enhance the function of external release agents and provide internal lubrication to the resin to provide efficiency gains.




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