BT Polymer


- Nylon6, nylon66, PBT and its compounds
- Polycarbonate Resins
- TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes)
- Polycarbonate Sheets
- Organic peroxides
- Processing machine maintenance products
- POM (Polyacetals)
- Poly Tactiles
- Mining Screen module and screen joiner
- Railway Carriage Fan blade

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About BT Polymers
Polymer and Rubber Technologists

BT Polymers Private Ltd, an ISO 9001:2008 Company, established in the year 2002 has been promoted by Polymers and Rubber Technologists having a total combined International experience of over 30 years in the field of Advance and Engineering Polymers – Plastics & Rubber and specialty Chemicals.

Mr Prashanta Mallik – B. Tech in Polymer Technology ( Calcutta University ) . Based in Kolkata. He has Technical & Management experience of over 30 years . He has worked with Bayer Group (BAYER TPU ) as Technical Service Manager for Polyurethane polymers , ABS,PC,SAN polymers . He also worked with ATOFINA group in India looking after Technical Sales & Services of Organic Peroxides as x-linking agents for Rubber Industries, Polymerisation, FRP Industries etc.

The Company has been formed with a view to

a) Promote the products of World Leaders in Advance & Engineering Polymers and Specialty Chemicals.

b) Manufacture components based on Advance & Engineering Polymers to suite application in various Industries and Human benefits.


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