BT Polymer


- Nylon6, nylon66, PBT and its compounds
- Polycarbonate Resins
- TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes)
- Polycarbonate Sheets
- Organic peroxides
- Processing machine maintenance products
- POM (Polyacetals)
- Poly Tactiles
- Mining Screen module and screen joiner
- Railway Carriage Fan blade

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Polycarbonate Resins

We offer the best quality Polycarbonate resins Makrolon®, which is the brand name for Bayer’s polycarbonate. Compared with other thermoplastics, this amorphous material has a unique set of properties. Its special features are its high transparency, heat resistance, toughness and dimensional stability, a high creep modulus and good electrical insulation properties. Glass fibre reinforced Makrolon® has particularly high stiffness and is therefore very dimensionally stable.

It is also available in various viscosity and also FDA grades.

Various products made from Polycarbonate resins


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